To perform the  Netgear EX7700 Setup for preventing dead zones in your home. Your living room has quick internet access, but the internet is currently unavailable in your garden. Netgear extenders or Mywifiext enable incoming wireless signals and then boost them using your current home network to ensure that they reach every area of your home. Normally, the Netgear Extender acts as a connection, retransmitting WiFi from your router throughout your house.

Follow the Step-by-step instructions for Netgear EX7700 setup:

  • Connect your extender to a power socket to start the Netgear EX7700.

  • When you see the power LED turns solid green it means it is powered on.

  • Access any WIFI-enabled device, like a wireless laptop or desktop PC.

  • Now, link your device to Netgear_ext. from the WIFI settings menu.

  • Once you are connected, open any web browser i.e.. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.

  • Enter in the browser's address bar.

  • Netgear EX7700 setup screen appears on your laptop or desktop.

Follow these steps to connect your AC2200 extender to your current WiFi network

How do I set up my Netgear EX7700 extender ?

Here are the following instructions should help you for your Netgear EX7700 setup :

  • The EX7700 extender should be plugged into an outlet.

  • Before initiating the setup, wait until the Netgear EX7700 Power LED turns green.

  • On your computer or mobile device, type "" into the browser.

  • You can install the Netgear EX7700 now.

  • To configure the extender, follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Unplug the WiFi booster and place it where the WiFi signal is poor.

Netgear EX7700 Firmware Update 

The software that comes pre-installed on the router is called firmware. This software is available from every router manufacturer. Furthermore, it manages all of the device's internal operations, just like the operating systems that run on your smartphone or personal computer.

You may wonder why you should update the firmware. Better performance is a significant factor. Everyone wants to have access to WiFi or the internet throughout their entire house. Firmware updates offer bug fixes, which enhance the extender's functionality and provide a better internet accessing experience.

The protection of security is a further justification for firmware updates.

As an illustration: If your router isn't functioning properly, it may be because it's been hacked, so updating your firmware will prevent this from happening.

The steps listed below can be used to update the firmware on your Netgear EX7700 extender:

  • First and foremost, turn on your Netgear EX7700 Extender.

  • Your router and Netgear EX7700 Extender should be connected.

  • After that, open your web browser.

  • Type into the address bar and press Enter.

  • To log into your Netgear EX7700 extender enter the username and password.

  • Go to the Settings menu and select Firmware Update to update the firmware.

  • Press the check button after that.

  • Click on the yes button to complete the procedure of updating firmware. 

Netgear EX7700  AC2200 Setup  by using the WPS button 

WPS: Many routers come with a feature called Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). 

  • Plug the Netgear EX7700 into a power socket for configuring it.

  • The router or modem must have the WPS button in order to complete the EX7700 WPS Setup.

  • The router should be close to the extender.

  • Wait for the  Netgear EX7700  power LED to turn green.

  • The Netgear X6 wireless router’s WPS button should be pressed.

  • Push the WPS button on the primary router after that.

  • If both devices have lights that are blinking. It tells that the gadgets are interacting with one another.

  • While setting up AC2200, avoid turning off or unplugging any devices.

  • When both devices' WPS leds stop blinking.

  • If the extension has all solid lights, look at the Nighthawk. You've completed your setting up of Netgear EX7700 Range Extender.

How can a user enable fastlane technology on Netgear Mesh X6 AC2200?

  • Your WiFi device must be connected to the Netgear AC2200 Nighthawk extender.

  • Open your web browser  like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.

  • Enter in the address bar.

  • To login to your Netgear EX7700, enter your username and password.

  • The instant it does, go to the Netgear EX7700 Nighthawk Setup page.

  • Then select "FastLane" after selecting "Do More."

  • After setting up Fastlane on your Netgear Nighthawk AC2200, click the save button.

Netgear EX7700 factory Reset 

You can reset the settings on your  Netgear EX7700  using one of two methods:

  • By utilising the web user interface.

  • By first hitting the Factory Reset button.

Netgear EX7700 hard reset:

  • Search for something like a pen or a paperclip to press the factory reset button.

  • Look for the Factory Reset button on the EX7700's backside.

  • Wait at least five seconds or until the Device to Extender LED starts blinking orange before pressing and holding the reset button with a paper clip or pen.

  • Wait for the EX7700 to reset.

  • Your EX7700's factory default settings have been reset after rebooting.

Web browser:

  • Use a computer that is wired or wirelessly connected to the EX7700 to browse the internet.

  • Note: To show that a device is now connected to the EX7700, the Device to Extender LED turns solid green.

  • Open any web browser 

  • Type In the address bar.

  • Now hit enter to land on the setup page.

  • Enter your email address and password on the login screen, then click Log In.

  • Click Settings and then Additional Settings on the NETGEAR login page.

  • Tap Reset. To continue, press Yes.

  • Wait for the device to finish returning to factory default settings on the web interface.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Connect your extender to an electrical socket.

  • Make sure that the wall plug in the extender is plug in and must not be damaged or short circuited.

  • Access the internet quickly with your smartphone.

  • Verify each electrical connection to be sure not to use damaged cables.

  • Keep your extender away from walls, room corner, fish tanks, microwave oven,bluetooth device, metal objects etc.

  • If your site is not accessed then enter the correct URL or IP address.

  • Restart your Extender and try to perform the setup again.

  • Use the latest version of your web browser and firmware version too.

In case you need any help regarding your extender feel free to contact our technical team via our toll-free number or live chat.